BPM has a long history of financial modelling.

Our clients and work range from small start-ups that you’ve never heard of, through early stage expansions in the Grill’d and Endota Spa spheres, into strategic analysis for PacBrands and the CUBs, to major model support for the Caltex and BHPs, and everything else in between.

BPM’s international client work sweeps from the goldfields of the Dominican Republic to the skateboards of Utah, and from WHO’s African cancer screening to Saudi economics.

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BPM has constructed models for every industry and sector.

Adverts. Barbecues. Cows. Draglines. Exercise. Fruit. Gas. Holidays. Investment. Juice. Knowledge. Lorries. Milk. Nuts. Old Age. Property. Quality Control. Rowing. Sausages. Trampolining. Underpants. Viagra. Wind. Xero. Yachting. Zucchinis.

At any point during the day, you are probably within twenty metres of a BPM model, if not wearing one.



Our core competency is financial statement modelling. We develop integrated three-way financial models that support budgeting, strategy, bank reporting, valuation and deal activities.

More detailed financial models include hedging tools, product pricing matrix, capacity utilisation, rationalisation, cost allocation, and so on.


System-based modelling also allows BPM to develop spreadsheets that fill the gap between spreadsheets and larger system-developed packages.

These models cover a huge cross section of life. Shipping logistics. Beer advertising. Milk scheduling. Postal efficiency. IT Performance. Cow tracking. Wine recipes. Parking space utilisation. SMS forecasting. Flu vaccination monitoring.

There’s not much BPM hasn’t done with Excel.


The following are some examples of engagements by BPM.

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