Leading the Industry
Since 2002, BPM has pioneered every major advance in the financial modelling sector, from standardisation to efficiency, modularisation to automation.

The BPM Story

BPM ('Best Practice Modelling') was founded in 2002 by ex-Salomon Smith Barney investment bankers with the ambition of providing a high-quality business modelling service independently of accounting firms and investment banks, who are often conflicted when providing this service.

In order to maximize the consistency, transparency and integrity of the models, the BPM team created the Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards. These standards have been downloaded and adopted by over 10,000 businesses, accounting firms and advisors around the world, and the independent Spreadsheet Standards Review Board ('SSRB') has become the forum for an ongoing best practice modelling feedback loop.

Following the success of the Standards, BPM recognised that the foundation created by the Standards lent itself to the creation of best practice modelling software, which led to the development and release of bpmToolbox in 2005. bpmToolbox represented a new frontier in business modelling quality and efficiency, and mitigated many of the risks associated with using spreadsheet applications to build business models, without affecting flexibility.

bpmTraverse was released as a promotional product from bpmToolbox, subsequently installed on over 100,000 machines in the last 10 years.

bpmToolbox provided BPM with a revolutionary leap in model consistency. This allowed the manual re-use of modelling content, which increased the build efficiency and increasing the desire for greater content consistency. This process lead to the development of bpmModules. Released in 2007, bpmModules was the world’s first modular spreadsheet construction package.

Following the success of bpmModules, the software division of BPM was separated out and the final iteration of the software was developed and released in 2012. The software was subsequently rebranded as ‘Modano’ in October 2016. The world’s only content management system for Microsoft Excel, Modano allows models to be constructed on a plug-and-play basis, with most daily modelling activities now automated.

Whilst developing software packages for Excel, BPM also developed extensive training courses to enable its clients to up-skill their staff as an alternative to using consulting services. Training courses, ranging from Excel Fundamentals to Financial Modelling Fundamentals to the Modano software, are available to be fun on-demand.

BPM has now undertaken consulting projects for businesses with a combined value of over A$1 trillion, both in Australia and internationally, and provided software and training services to many of Australia's most respected companies, government departments and financial advisors.