BPM’s approach is based on a unique set of key principles.


All BPM models are constructed in line with the Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards. This results in the following:

Highly consistent structure and layout.Modularisation to simplify understanding.
Clearly identified assumptions.Efficient development and maintenance process.
Hyperlinked navigation throughout the model.Grouping-enabled summary and detailed views.
Simple and efficient workbook layout.Comprehensive error, alert and sensitivity checks.
User-friendly functionality at all model levels.Simple to maintain inter-workbook relationships.

Adherence to Best Practice also allows easier auditing of the model by third parties, reducing the cost and time of this requirement.

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All models are built using Modular Spreadsheet Development, the construction of models in an orderly piece-by-piece fashion, with each piece linked together to form a complete model.

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BPM models are all developed using Modano software. This software automates many manual development tasks, allows the re-use of existing content and substantially reduces spreadsheet risk.

The software also allows BPM to provide clients with functionality above that of just static, template-based spreadsheets.

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The use of a content management system for Excel means that BPM is also able to use and re-use an expansive library of pre-existing content to develop your model.

This means we don’t need to charge for constructing routine things like depreciation calculations. You only engage us for developing the bespoke areas of your model. This substantially reduces the time, cost and risk involved in developing your model.

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Engagement Process

BPM include all of the elements expected in a professional engagement:

Project deliverables plan and stage gates.System-based Standards review of model.
Project Gantt of overall engagement sequence.Peer Director file review.
Work-in-progress register of development questions.Model specifications book and user guide.
Regular all-party update meetings.Training session and model hand-over.

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Engagement Types

BPM only perform model development work. All of this is done using software. And all models are constructed in line with the Standards.

Our work is usually performed as a team-based engagement, with the ultimate delivery either a model or suite of models. Where clients have more open-ended or varied requirements, we also provide secondment structures – modellers working directly under client supervision.

BPM does not perform model audits. However, due to the efficiency with which we can constructed entire models, we will often provide a sense check on a valuation model. A process that often results in the BPM model being installed.

The most common introduction to BPM is through a Best Practice Conversion. We take your existing model and convert this across to Best Practice, eliminating the pieces that you don’t like and making the parts you do like more user-friendly, and structured in line with the Standards.

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